developing and uniting community leaders
Leadership Manhattan Beach  

Class Program

Our mission is developing and uniting community leaders. Every year we offer our flagship nine-month-long leadership training program. During the program you are introduced to various community services and programs as you work collaboratively with 25 to 30 adults and high school students. The emphasis is on results and teamwork. The capstone to the class experience is the class project: doing something real to benefit the Manhattan Beach community.

Learn valuable leadership skills. 

Our program teaches you how to succeed as a leader, especially in settings where you do not have direct power or authority over others. You will work as part of a team and identify your unique leadership style.

Discover Manhattan Beach volunteer opportunities.

Our program introduces you to the many volunteer opportunities in our city, from boards and commissions to service programs. You will walk away with a good understanding about how to "give back" to our city as well as having personal introductions to the people you need to know.

Network with a diverse group of MB Residents.

Get to know a great group of people in our city, including independent professionals, small business owners, city employees and even students from our local high school. Shared experiences mean that you will never forget the people you meet through LMB.