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Alumni Testimonials

Leadership Manhattan Beach gave me the key to the City - access to people in the public, private and volunteer sectors who together make the city run.  The team building exercises and real-time project prepared me to tackle other issues of importance to our citizens.  Now I'm hooked!

Portia Cohen (Class of 2003)
Former Mayor, Manhattan Beach

Leadership MB has been one of the best things I have been involved in since moving to Manhattan Beach.  There is no better way to learn and understand how our city functions and meet the people and organizations who run it.  Being able to put our own LMB class project together to benefit the community was not only a great learning experience but a lot of fun.
 JJ Turkmany

Leadership Manhattan Beach is perhaps the most rewarding way to not only learn about how the city of Manhattan Beach operates, but to meet with those in the public and private sector who are participating in those decisions as well.  Moreover, the friendships developed with so many fellow residents as you collectively work on a project that gives back to the city is truly a wonderful experience and a unique opportunity.

Bill Hory
Class of 2011

Leadership Manhattan Beach is an outstanding program that enabled me to learn about our dynamic city and develop valuable leadership and communication skills that were effective in my career, civic activities and community volunteer work.  I highly recommend this exceptional program for everyone to energize their careers/businesses and to give back to our wonderful community.

Wayne Powell
- Manhattan Beach City Councilmember
- Los Angeles County Beach Commissioner
- Chair, South Bay Regional Public Communications Authority [911]

Leadership Manhattan Beach was an incredible personal and professional journey for me. I entered the program with intentions to network on behalf of my company and learned very quickly that I was in for something much grander. During the weekend retreat, it became clear to me that Leadership MB is a remarkable tool for personal growth and self-discovery while offering an amazing opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills. This program is inspirational, motivational, and educational. Overall, Leadership Manhattan Beach is an incredible program which results in precious friendships, personal accomplishments and cherished memories!

Dawn Wilcox
Class of 2011

Leadership Manhattan Beach provides a great opportunity to connect with adults and students who share a similar passion for their community. With the project, the class makes Manhattan Beach a better place to be. After LMB, you will have created life-long friendships and networking connections with so many people that can help you out later in life.
Travis Taylor
Class of 2011


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