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  • Please fill out all fields on the form below before submitting it to us.
  • Space is limited, so apply early. We consider applications in the order received.

Selection Criteria

Leadership Manhattan Beach seeks people who meet the following four criteria:

  • Live or work in the greater Manhattan Beach community,
  • Possess high standards of personal integrity,
  • Set and attain goals as demonstrated by career, personal and community achievement,
  • Agree to commit the necessary time and effort to complete the program.

Your answers to the questions on this form as well as your response to a subsequent in-person interview will determine if you meet our qualifications.

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13. What Community Organizations, Activities Or Events Have You Been Involved With? *
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Program Attendance

The Leadership Program involves a significant time commitment. Class sessions are scheduled two times monthly from 5:30 – 8:30 PM, usually on Mondays. It is important that you attend all of the sessions; only two absences are permitted. There is also a weekend retreat in early September (Saturday/Sunday) and an all-day Saturday retreat in January. During the class project, January through May, you may need to participate in additional small-group meetings. Your Leadership classmates will expect you to put your best effort into the project just as much as you will come to expect the same from them. Attendance at each class is important, so please take time to consider your personal schedule. Time commitment is a factor in our consideration of candidates.

Tuition Payment

Tuition is $899, due and payable by June 30. You may use your major credit card (Visa, Mastercard) to pay tuition. Employers are encouraged to sponsor employees in the program as a part of their community outreach as well as enhancement of the employee’s leadership skills.

I will pay by:


I have completed this application accurately and to the best of my knowledge. I understand the time commitment involved and the leadership goals of Leadership Manhattan Beach. I also understand that photographs are taken of the class and that my photo may appear on LMB websites or in the local newspapers. If selected, I am willing to attend each class function in its entirety and devote the necessary time to be a contributing member of the Leadership Class, and pay the tuition as indicated above. I understand that if I fail to meet these obligations I may be asked to withdraw from the program, and that the tuition is nonrefundable.

I have read, understood and agree with the above statement.

Nondiscrimination Statement

Leadership Manhattan Beach considers applicants on the basis of individual merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors irrelevant to participation in its program.



Thank you for submitting your application. We will review it and be in touch with you shortly to schedule an interview.