25th Anniversary Celebration, March 24th - Tickets Available NOW!! Click Here for Tickets
25th Anniversary Celebration, March 24th Click Here for Tickets
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Our power is our people.
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From left to right front bottom row seated: Cindy Carvel, (Program Director) Peter Yollin, (President) Kathleen Terry, (Facilitator) 
Next row up starting with the girl in the green jacket: Mackensie Banchik, Monaka Wallis, Jenny Fukunaga, Mariangela Yount,
Martha Alvarez, Katherine Yollin, Susy Werre, Sylvia Dominesey, Leslie Smith

Third row up starting with the guy in Blue shirt: Kraig Kalinch, Matt McCool, Ron Walker, Scott Combs, Aly Seckinger, Maggie Lippon,
Ray Kim, Jeff Serota, Chris Ryan

Top row: Katharine Rogerson, Kevin Chao, Tom Bakaly, Eric Van Fossen, Brett Stubbs, Carmen Stubbs,
Austin Houska, Robert McDaniel, James Craig