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General Information

Leadership Manhattan Beach is an ongoing community leadership development program designed to identify and educate existing and potential community leaders, to increase their knowledge of the Manhattan Beach community, and to develop a growing network of individuals who can help one another meeting challenges in the community.

During the program participants:

  • Explore current issues affecting the economic, educational, environmental, governmental, and social systems of Manhattan Beach,
  • Meet civic and corporate leaders and discuss their views and decision making processes, and to identify areas where they can become more involved,
  • Participate on a team in a cooperative community service project completed by the class during the winter and spring.
  • Select, plan and implement a major community project of the groups choosing.


Program tuition is $499. Due and payable by June 30. Credit Cards, Checks and PayPal are accepted.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for high school students is May 1, 2018, at midnight.

The Leadership Program

  • Required orientation reception meeting held in August of each class year.
  • Two-weekend retreats, early September (Saturday/Sunday) and an all-day Saturday retreat in January, will focus on leadership skill building and team participation. Participation is mandatory.
  • The class meets every other Mon, Sept - May, 5:30-8:30 PM.
  • Class members will meet in small groups outside of the usual class time to work on projects. These meetings vary depending on the project and committee responsibilities.
  • Each student attends an MB School Board meeting and an MB City Council meeting.
  • Special evening sessions will be held for the City Council presentation and graduation dinner in May.
  • Optional tours of the Police and Fire Departments, local water and power plants and other local sites.

Selection Process

Your online completed application will be reviewed by Leadership Alumni.

Five high school students will be selected to join about twenty-five adults for the class based on:

  1. Your recent accomplishments and involvement in other activities.
  2. The desire to be involved in Manhattan Beach community activities.
  3. Potential to gain from leadership training.
  4. Firm personal commitment to attend retreats and class sessions and to participate in class project.
  5. Firm commitment from your family to support you in attending all activities.

Students in the Leadership Class' of 2011 - 2017

  • 2011: Logan Schlossberg, Travis Taylor, Lucas Bavaro, Chris Claycomb, Travis Elliott, Lauren Wallender
  • 2012: Brittany Donaleshen, Jessica Turkmany, Joseph Schiff, Rebecca Roth, Somer Dice
  • 2013: Krista Jamgotchian, Carly Klein, Adam Gerard, Maddy Miketa, Sophie Silverman
  • 2014: Catherine Schiff, Blake Smith, Carlie Stewart, Jordan Wyner
  • 2015: Imani Cleamons, Andrew Delk, Azize Engin, Melody Roth, Jillian Turkmany
  • 2016: Sage Gill, Julia Dominesey, Allison Roth, Danielle Smith, Trevor Todd
  • 2017: Mackensie Banchik, Kevin Chao, Ray Kim, Katharine Rogerson, Katherine Yollin


From the applications we receive by the due date, a group of students will be selected for interviews. Interviews will take place in May near the Manhattan Beach City Council complex.

Before the interview, you will get a program calendar. At the interview, to indicate that you and your parent/guardian have approved that you will attend all events, you must submit a Leadership Manhattan Beach Calendar of events, signed by you and a parent or guardian. This is required.


4. What school did you attend? *

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12. Please Upload a Headshot in jpg, gif, bmp or png *

13. Please List The Campus Clubs And Sports You Are Currently Involved In. *
14. Please List Your Current Volunteer And Extracurricular Activities. *
15. For Next Year, What Clubs, Sports, Extracurricular Activities, Jobs Or Leadership Roles Are You Planning? *
16. What Awards, Recognitions Or Honors Have You Received? *
17. What Else Would You Like Us To Know? *
18. Tell Us An Interesting Or Unusual Fact About You That Would Surprise Someone. *
19. Any Dietary Restrictions We Should Know About? *
20. What Is Your Sweatshirt Size? *
21. What Is Your T-Shirt Size? *


Please review the class calendar with your parents/guardians. If you are invited to have an interview, a calendar that is signed by you and your parents is required to complete your interview process. This is to ensure that families have seen the schedule, and approve of and support your participation and attendance the class meetings and events. Thank you.

The Leadership Program involves a significant time commitment. Class sessions are scheduled two times each month from on Mondays 5:30PM to 8:30PM. In September there is orientation and the overnight retreat. In January there is a day retreat. During the class project, January through May, you may participate in additional small-group meetings. Your Leadership classmates will expect you to put your best effort into the project just as much as you will come to expect the same from them. Attendance at each class, retreat and the graduation is important, so please take time to carefully consider your schedule from September to May.

I have completed this application accurately and to the best of my knowledge. I understand the time commitment involved and the leadership goals of Leadership Manhattan Beach. I also understand that photographs are taken of the class and that my photo may appear on LMB websites or in the local newspapers. If selected, I am willing to attend each class function in its entirety and devote the necessary time to be a contributing member of the Leadership Class, and pay the tuition as indicated above. I understand that if I fail to meet these obligations I may be asked to withdraw from the program, and that the tuition is nonrefundable.

I have read, understood and agree to the above statement.

This completes your application.

Thank you very much for submitting your application to Leadership Manhattan Beach.
We appreciate your interest. For further questions please contact

Nondiscrimination Statement

Leadership Manhattan Beach considers applicants on the basis of individual merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors irrelevant to participation in its program.



Thank you for submitting your application. We will review it and be in touch with you shortly to schedule an interview.